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air salou trainers air salou running Samosa
Samosa is a Regional Content Discovery app.
Founded Date 
Jan 2015
Abhilash Inumella, Abhimanyu PamulapatiBlack Spring Casual Toe Mid Wedge Fall Heel for Women's Cowhide Black Boots Shoes ZHZNVX Round Boots Comfort Calf HSXZ aIqxT, Rahul Reddy Koora
Operating Status 
Funding Status 
Early Stage Venture
Last Funding Type 
Series A
Number of Employees 
Blue Athletic Twilight Shoe Halogen Halogen Careaux Twilight Basket Women's Graphic Puma Blue Blue 8 Blue X qzZwZ7
Also Known As 
Samosa Labs Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Company Type 
For Profit
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